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How to Select a Fit Baby Stroller?

Sep. 19, 2020

For most parents, you may have annoyance on how to choose a right stroller for your baby.

It will be not an easy thing for young parents for there are many kinds and brands of baby stroller at the market.


Actually baby stroller can be recognized by its functions. In fact, all strollers can be divided into 2 categories: Multi-functional strollers and lightweight strollers.


Multi-functional strollers

The multi-purpose stroller is also a popular high-view stroller. But how do you judge this kind of stroller? See below features

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1. The multi-functional baby stroller has a “strong” appearance. The frame is bigger, and wheels are larger. Especially at the rear wheels, and it is a visible difference in size between the front and rear wheels.

2. The weight of multi-functional baby stroller is typically 10kg+.

3. Seats are positioned higher, usually at 55cm+ height, which is a direct reason why these large stroller are called high view.

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4. 2 in 1, or 3in 1, or 4 in 1. Some are with sleeping baskets (for the 0-6 month stage), and some with car seat or cradle.

5. Reversible seat. The seats can then usually be installed in both directions, that is two-way push.

How to Select a Fit Baby Stroller?cid=4

The advantages of this multi-functional stroller is tall, stable, having outstanding shock absorption, easy to push, and comfortable. It is more popular for new born baby. However, it has disadvantages as well. It is hard to carry when you have a lift,or difficult to fit to car trunk for its big size. After all, the size and weight are relatively large.

Light weight baby strollers

1. Usually the weight is less than 10 kg.

2. The smaller size of the wheels. Some are with 4 same size wheels.

3. The structure is more simple and the frame is thinner.

4. In terms of function, the main functions are recline or sit, one button to fold. The folding volume is relatively small, so parents can take it easy for it is small size and light weight. It is extremely suitable for travel and day trip. They are fit to car trunk and cabinet on air plane. This type of stroller is more popular for elderly baby(from 6 month to 36 months).

How to Select a Fit Baby Stroller?cid=4

Above all, when you are selecting a baby stroller, you can consider your baby’s age and daily activity. But as we know, most families have more than one baby stroller for the baby. So just choose what you need, they are not expensive at all.

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